The backstory

Conventional wisdom dictates knitting is relaxing and mindless. Unfortunately, I’ve never been good at relaxing and mindless. As a child, knitting gave my antsy hands something to do. As I got older, my antsy hands and restless brain searched for harder and harder patterns to conquer. Finally, nothing would do except to invent new patterns myself.

These days, the creation of a simple pattern isn’t quite enough to tame my restlessness. It demands that my designs push the envelope, often beginning with the thought, “Is this possible?” With that, a quest to slay the next dragon begins!

Yarn is my favorite tool in this quest, but also my most gifted adversary. Like my sigil, the ferret, I continually search in familiar corners to find something new and surprising to challenge me. Also like the ferret, my fingers display a joyous dance of war when I discover it.

My background includes an M.S. in Textile Engineering from Philadelphia University. My designs have appeared in publications including Interweave Knits, Knitscene, knit.wear, Creative Knitting, Vogue Knitting, and Knitter’s Magazine. My winning knit fabric design was also distributed nationally through Urban Outfitters.

Through my work as a knitting instructor and yarn guru at The Bountiful Ewe in Fargo, ND, I enjoy teaching people how to slay their own dragons.